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Protect Yourself From Expensive Legal Costs By Choosing Our Services.

altWe offer a unique type of specialist legal service to our clients. Our solicitors are qualified and experienced in both law and building sciences.

It is our policy that our clients should never have to explain the complex nature of a building dispute in a remote location such as a solicitors office.


Our solicitors visit you at the building site and inspect the building work and provide fast effective advice.

We are experienced business and commercial lawyers, building and construction solicitors and barristers, property law experts with extensive experience in all NSW Courts and Tribunals.


- Approximately 85% to 90% of our clients have their disputes resolved quickly and informally.

- Legal costs are kept to a minimum with our approach to legal disputes.

- Call us and we will explain how our unique legal dispute resolution method works FREE OF CHARGE.

- Our satisfied clients include:

- Home Owners

- Owner Builders

- Commercial, Civil and Engineering Contractors

- Specialist Service Providers to the Construction Industry

- Building Material Manufacturers and Suppliers

- Property Owners

- Property Investors

- Property Developers

- Strata Managers

- Owner Corporations

- ...and more


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Effective legal services must involve the solicitor attending the building site, and discussing the dispute face to face with the building contractor. Acting remotely from a legal office will not assist you in resolving any building dispute quickly and cost effectively.

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