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Protect Yourself From Expensive Legal Costs By Choosing Our Services.


We offer unique legal services to our clients. Our solicitors and barristers are qualified and experienced in both law and building construction. Few, if any, law firms provide this level of specialisation. 


It is our policy that our clients should never have to explain the complex nature of a building dispute in a remote location such as a solicitors office. We travel to your home or building site, to examine it and discuss the building dispute with you. This is the best way to instruct a law firm when you are involved in a building construction dispute. 


Our team comprises specialised business and commercial lawyers, building experts who act as expert witnesses, structural engineers, forensic accountants and other experts, who advise and prepare expert evidence for use in litigation before all NSW Courts and Tribunals.

We are experts in conducting mediation and litigation before the NCAT NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal. 

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Home Building Dispute?

1. Visit the website of NSW Government Fair Trading. Check the building licence status of the builder. Telephone the Department and ask for advice on what to do. Ask for a building inspector of the Department to visit your home and inspect the problem. In many cases, the Office Of Fair Trading inspector will attempt to meet with the builder and may issue a Work Order or Rectification Order. The NSW Government Fair Trading Department can provide a range of assistance services. You should call them to find out. 

2. If the dispute is unable to be resolved by NSW Government Fair Trading then you may consider having the case referred to the NCAT NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal or other courts for resolution. We advise that you should only seek legal advice from a specialist home building solicitor before taking this step. Call us during office hours and we will be happy to assist you. Your initial consultation is free of charge.- Specialist Service Providers to the Construction Industry

- Approximately 85% to 90% of our clients have their disputes resolved quickly and informally.

- Legal costs are kept to a minimum with our approach to legal disputes. We learn the case quickly and press hard for resolution in accordance with your instructions. 

- Call us and we will explain how our unique legal dispute resolution method works FREE OF CHARGE.

- Our satisfied clients include:

- Home Owners and Home Builders

- Owner Builders

- Commercial, Civil and Engineering Contractors

- Building Material Manufacturers and Suppliers

- Granny Flat owners and builders

- Property Investors

- Property Developers

- Strata Managers

- Owners Corporations

-Executive Committees

- ...and more

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Please consider, if your current solicitor cannot or is reluctant to, visit a home or building site to discuss the nature and issues with you or the builder, perhaps you have retained the wrong solicitor. We find that solicitors who are reluctant to visit building sites and speak to all parties may have little or no experience in building and construction law. This does not help you resolve building construction disputes fast. Acting remotely from a legal office will not assist you well in resolving any building dispute quickly and cost effectively.


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