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Marc Hutchings and Associates Building and Construction Lawyersprovide specialist legal services to home owners, home builders and commercial contractors throughout New South Wales.

Building and Construction Law is our only area of legal practice. We provide a unique type of legal service. Our solicitors are qualified and experienced in both law and building construction.

Our barristers are leading experts in Building and Construction Law advice and advocacy.

Marc Hutchings is the principal solicitor of our firm. He is a qualified home builder and has extensive experience in the residential and commercial construction industry. He is a solicitor with over 10 years experience as a general practitioner and specialist in Building and Construction Law.

Where possible, our solicitors and barristers visit the building site. It is our policy to provide our clients with a unique level of service. Our clients have the advantage of communicating with their legal practitioners at the building site as they personally learn about the dispute. It is our belief that a client should never have to explain the complex nature of a building dispute in a remote location such as a lawyer’s office.

It is our policy to always attempt to resolve disputes quickly, informally and on a commercial and commonsense basis.       

Litigation within the courts should always be the last resort when resolving building disputes. When litigation does occur, we are leading experts in prosecuting and defending cases on behalf of our clients.

We take pride in being a leading law firm in the field of Building and Construction Law. We have a very successful record of achieving positive results for our clients throughout New South Wales.

Effective Negotiation and Communication.


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